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This should give you a starting point when looking at the odometer, just by doing a little math.

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For example, you can expect a 5-year-old vehicle to have around 60, to 75, miles. This is just an average though, as people use their cars for different reasons and no two commutes are the same. Conventional wisdom dictates that highway driving is easier on cars than city driving for a number of reasons, notes Consumer Reports , even if it puts more miles on the dash over time. If you prioritize the best mpg for city driving, the Nissan Versa is a great choice.

Most reliable used cars you can buy with high mileage

The point is that you need to know the history of the car before you can really judge the mileage. Was the daily commute an hour on the highway or half an hour in stop-and-go traffic along pot-holed roads? It makes a difference.

Do you find evidence that the previous owner kept up with small repairs and regular maintenance? Consistent previous care can extend the life of a vehicle by years.

A surprising red flag is actually too few miles. The best advice is to use a combination of the baseline mileage calculation above, a complete vehicle history, and securing the advice of a professional. A thorough multipoint inspection from a certified mechanic will give you confidence that the number on the odometer is reflected fairly in the number on the price tag.

Does Mileage Matter When Buying a Used Car?

US Auto Sales provides this service as standard on all used vehicles, ensuring your peace of mind and the reliability of your new used car. As cars age, their values tend to drop while their maintenance demands rise.

There exist plenty of high-mileage cars that have been fastidiously maintained. By the sacred rules of depreciation, higher mileage cars are cheaper, even if they have been maintained.

Know the Risks

And they are out there. As the owner of two , mile cars, and a third on pace to join the club in the next couple years, I can promise you, some people are indeed maintaining their cars to the distance of the moon and beyond.

This Toyota 4Runner is a great example. In fact, it inspired me to write this story.

Where Did the 100,000-Mile Rule Come From?

Over a quarter-million miles and it looks nearly perfect inside and out? Whoever owned this was a true enthusiast.

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That contradicts my assessment that high mileage cars are cheap, but I think that particular 4Runner was an exception. That particular model is just so desirable, and the spec and graphics were so perfect, more people were inclined to overlook the odometer reading.

What is good mileage for a used car? | Life Lanes

All the plastic and rubber on the 14,mile truck will have suffered a lot less abuse than the components on , mile one, but guess what, those bits are still over two decades old and a lot of the same stuff is going to need to be replaced or serviced on either truck if you really want to use the vehicle. Speaking of using it, owning an ultra un-driven old car presents you with a painful dilemma every time you turn the key.

Do you let it collect dust and stay valuable, or enjoy it on the road and eat into the low-mileage premium you paid all that money for?