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Overview In , a acre parcel south of downtown Tacoma was set aside as South Park.

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About the Author Kimberly M. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. Ellensburg, Washington Images of America Series. Ellensburg began as a small trading post in the picturesque Kittitas Valley in the early Ellensburg began as a small trading post in the picturesque Kittitas Valley in the early s.

Northwest Native Americans praised the area for its centrality in the region, which Seattleite John A. Shoudy quickly realized. When Shoudy sought to secure View Product. The Key Peninsula is a scenic finger of land that stretches south between Case and Few people lived there before , although Native Americans fished and hunted from temporary villages. Several communities, each with a Lincoln Images of America Series. Lincoln was founded in , when colonists in Concord and parts of Lexington and Weston Lincoln was founded in , when colonists in Concord and parts of Lexington and Weston joined together to form a new town.

Judge Chambers Russell, Concord's representative to the General Court, christened the town Lincoln after his beloved family home Located just 25 northeast of Spokane, Mount Spokane has been a popular winter and summer Located just 25 northeast of Spokane, Mount Spokane has been a popular winter and summer recreation area for many years. The area around the 5,foot peak is rugged and covered with dense forest and plant habitat.

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As the population around Ocean Shores was the newest city in Washington for nearly 40 years, but for centuries Confederate fortifications, Manassas, Va. Main street and church guarded by Union soldiers, Centreville, Va. Antietam Bridge, Md. Soldiers and wagons are crossing the bridge. Street scene, Warrenton, Va. Fredericksburg, Va. View from across the Rappahannock River.

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Confederate dead behind the stone wall of Marye's Heights, Fredericksburg, Va. Union and Confederate dead, Gettysburg Battlefield, Pa.

Retiring school teacher and school kids at bank -- Lincoln Heights branch of Bank of America, 1953

Lee and Gordon's Mills. Chickamauga Battlefield, Ga. General Meade's headquarters. Culpeper, Va. Edmund C. Bainbridge's Battery A, 1st U. Artillery, at the seige of Port Hudson, La. Palisades and chevaux-de-frise in front of the Potter House, Atlanta, Ga. Peachtree Street with wagon traffic, Atlanta, Ga. Street scene showing Sutlers Row, Chattanooga, Tenn.

Fort Morgan, Mobile Point, Ala. Union entrenchments near Kenesaw Mountain, Ga. Nashville, Tenn. The "Pulpit" after capture, Fort Fisher, N. Harpers Ferry, W Va. High-angle view showing the confluence of the Shenandoah and Potomac Rivers. McLean house where General Lee surrendered. Appomattox Court House, Va. Ruins seen from the Circular Church, Charleston, S.

Ruins seen from the capitol, Columbia, S. Soldiers in the trenches before battle, Petersburg, Va. National Archives Identifier Civil War historians and photo-historians have uncovered documentary evidence suggesting that this image of Union forces was taken by Andrew J. Russell just before the Second Battle of Fredericksburg in the spring of For more information, please see the item in the National Archives Catalog. High-angle view toward the capitol , Ruins in front of the Capitol, Silhouette of ruins of Haxall's mills, , showing some of the destruction caused by a Confederate attempt to burn Richmond.

The U. Capitol under construction, Fort Massachusetts, sally port and soldiers, The fort was renamed Fort Stevens in General view of 96th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment during drill at Camp Northumberland, with the camp in the background, Barricades on Duke Street, Alexandria, Va. Photographed by William R. Artwork by James E. Taylor, July 1, General view of the city from the south toward the Treasury Building and the White House. Cows are grazing near Tiber Creek. Smithsonian Institution Building in a field of daisies. Brown, John ; bust-length. Engraving from daguerreotype, ca.

Douglass, Frederick ; half-length. Garrison, William Lloyd ; three-quarter-length, seated. Greeley, Horace ; half-length, seated. Brady, Mathew B. Brumidi, Constantino , artist who painted murals and frescoes in the Capitol; three-quarter-length, standing, holding brush and palette. Whitman, Walt , poet; half-length, seated, wearing hat. Beauregard, Gen. Pierre ; half-length. Breckenridge, Lt. John C. Gordon, Maj. John B. Hill, Lt.

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  • Ambrose P. Hood, Gen. Jackson, Lt. Thomas Jonathan "Stonewall" ; bust-length, April Photographed by George W Minnes. Johnston, Gen. Joseph E. Lee, Gen. Robert E. Longstreet, Lt. James ; half-length, in civilian clothes. Mahone, Maj. William ; half-length, seated. Mosby, Col. John Singleton ; bust-length. Stuart, Brig. James Ewell Brown "Jeb" ; three-quarter-length, seated.

    Benjamin, Judah P. Davis, Jefferson , President; three-quarter-length, standing. Brady before the war. Mallory, Stephen R. Stephens, Alexander H. Mason, James M. Seddon, James A. Arnold, D. Kingin, Pvt. Emory Eugene , 4th Michigan Infantry; standing, full-length, leaning against a tree and wearing a plaid shirt. Marbury, Gilbert A. Ruffin, Pvt. Edmund , Confederate soldier who fired the first shot against Fort Sumter; full-length, seated. Anderson, Maj. Robert , defender of Fort Sumter; full-length, standing. Burnside, Maj. Ambrose E. Butler, Maj. Benjamin F. Custer, Maj. George A. Grant, Lt.

    Halleck, Maj. Henry W. Hancock, Maj. Winfield S. Hooker, Maj. Joseph "Fighting Joe" ; full-length, seated. McClellan, Maj. George B. McDowell, Maj. Irvin ; three-quarter-length, standing. Meade, Maj. Pope, Brig. John ; half-length. Rawlins, Brig. Rosecrans, Maj. William S.

    Scott, Lt. Winfield "Old Fuss and Feathers" ; half-length, standing. Sheridan, Maj. Philip H. Sherman, Maj. William Tecumseh ; half-length, seated. Thomas, Maj. George H. Dahlgren, Rear Adm. Farragut, Rear Adm. David G. Foote, Rear Adm.

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    Andrew H. Porter, Rear Adm. David D. Lyons, Lord Richard B. Romero, Senior Don Matias. Envoy of the Republic of Mexico, ; three-quarter-length, standing. Chase, Salmon P. Douglas, Stephen A. Johnson, Andrew , Vice President and President; three-quarter-length, seated. Lincoln, Abraham ; three-quarter-length, standing, ca.

    Brady B Seward, William H. Stanton, Edwin M. Stevens, Thaddeus.

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    Representative from Pennsylvania; half-length. Sumner, Charles , Senator from Massachusetts; half-length, seated. Welles, Gideon , Secretary of the Navy; half-length, seated. Barton, Clara ; three-quarter-length, seated. Joseph, Sister M. She and others of her order served in a military hospital at Beaufort, N. Lincoln, Mary Todd ; full-length, standing. Tippee, Mary, sutler with Collis Zouaves th Pennsylvania ; full-length, standing. Booth, John Wilkes ; half-length, standing. Corbett, Sgt. Boston , the man who claimed he shot John Wilkes Booth; three-quarter-length, seated at a table.

    Payne, Lewis , the conspirator who attacked Secretary Seward; three-quarter-length, standing. Execution of the four persons condemned as conspirators Mary E.