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Soon it was too much effort to fight it. I heard a voice whispering in my ear but I couldn't understand the words being spoken. It was so much easier to let the words enter my head and not have to think. The voice belonged to the assistant and he was whispering phrases such as "Rubber makes you submissive and obedient," "you obey men dressed in rubber," "you are a slave to rubber men," "I am your Master, and you are my slave.

I don't know how long I stood helplessly as my mind was taken away from me but I slowly became aware of the words being spoken and as I heard them I knew them to be true. As my eyes opened and I saw myself in the mirror dressed in the full rubber suit I began to feel very submissive and wanting to obey. I then saw a man dressed in tight rubber something seemed familiar to me but I couldn't think what it was. I recognised his voice and reply "You are my Master. So much better to accept it and obey isn't it slave?

I feel the chain being unfastened from the ring in the ceiling. I quickly drop to my knees, spread them apart, lower my head and my hands remain cuffed behind my back. This position seems right for me to assume when in Master's presence. Master stands and I can hear him moving but I keep my head lowered. He walks around me and strokes and feels my rubbered body.

His touch sends tiny electric shocks through me almost making me gasp with pleasure. He moves behind me once again and after a few moments I see something being lowered over my face. It's some sort of hood which he quickly pulls on, fastens it tightly, and with another collar locks it firmly in place. My wrists are released from the cuffs but as I watch Master puts some heavy leather mitts onto my hands which are also buckled tight and locked in place.

Master lifts my head and I look at the figures in the mirror. I see my handsome Master and what appears to be a dog dressed in tight black rubber. I realise that the rubber pup is in fact me. I try and speak, to thank my Master but the only sound I can make is a loud "Woof. The longer I look at the pup in the mirror I begin to forget how to speak and to think more like the pup I now am.

I bark contentedly so that my Master will be pleased with me. I bark happily in reply. I lose all sense of who I am. The only thing that concerns me is to be the best pup I can be for my owner.

Petplay Training and Treats

Master then holds up a tail butt plug and says, "Let's get your tail in pup. I feel the suit being opened near my ass and the plug being pushed in. As it pushes in and my hole grips the plug firmly and although I have never had anything in my ass before I find I really like it and bark contentedly. Master opens the cage and points, "In you go pup," he says.

I crawl into the cage which is only large enough for me to remain on my knees or to curl up on the mat. I curl up and watch as Master closes the cage and places a heavy padlock through the bolt which he then closes and locks shut. I hear Master walking away from the cage and soon after the lights in the store are turned off. As I lie there my senses are filled with the smell and feel of rubber which begins to feel like a second skin. The feeling of the tail in my ass and the rubber against my skin soon has my cock hard but the paws locked on my hands prevent me from touching my hard cock and the size of the cage prevents me from moving much to get the relief I so badly need.

I whine quietly with frustration hoping that Master will hear and allow pup to cum. It soon becomes apparent that unless I make a lot more noise then I'm not going to be able to attract Master's attention which I somehow knew he would not be pleased about. Time passes and eventually tiredness overtakes me and I fall into a deep sleep. I'm awoken by the sound of Master's voice saying "Wake up pup. I bark happy to see him standing there. He pushes it through the bars of the cage and I eagerly open my mouth and swallow as much of his cock as I can.

Master then starts to piss into my mouth and I quickly swallow, trying not to spill any of the precious liquid. He then slowly pulls his cock out and I run my tongue around his PA to make sure that the last drops of his piss are swallowed. Having not eaten since lunchtime yesterday any type of food would be better than none.

I then realise that with my hands locked in the mitts the only way I can eat is to push my face into the bowl. The hood makes it difficult at first but I soon manage to work out how to eat. Drinking the water proved even more difficult as I had to try and lap the water with my tongue. I then kneel up waiting for my Master to give me further instructions. I'm then led into another room which appears to be a wet room. Master then unzips the suit around my cock and pulls it out. I then feel him gently pulling the tail from my ass and I whimper as I feel it pulling out.

I then feel something being pushed back into my ass. I think it's my tail but it doesn't feel like the plug. Once it was pushed in I feel something warm flowing into my ass which soon begins to fill. He then pulls the plug out and I clench my ass tight keeping the liquid inside. I'm then told to crawl over to the drain in the floor and squat over it.

Master repeats the process until he is satisfied that my ass is now clean. He then puts my tail plug back into my ass and I bark contentedly as it slides in easily. Time passes and I remain kneeling in the basket. I hear some voices and a short time later there are two men walking towards the counter. With that the three men head over to a part of the store where there are a selection of different suits. I'm unable to hear them and once again I am left kneeling. Master returns to the counter and speaks one word, "Follow.

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I quickly hop from the basket and follow him closely back to the two men. The man who I recognise as "Boy" is now dressed in a tight rubber surf singlet which fits him perfectly. I am so focused on the rubber boy that I fail to notice some items lying on the floor. I suddenly hear the sound of pieces of metal rubbing together and within moments my ankles and secured in metal cuffs attached to a metal bar about 2 foot long.

A similar set of cuffs are placed on my wrists. Finally two more strips are attached between the wrist and ankle bars making it impossible to move. I then feel hands rubbing and stroking my back, chest, ass, and cock which makes me moan slightly as the tight rubber presses against my skin. I then feel my tail being played with gently tugged and pushed in and out of my ass which makes me groan with pleasure.

This pup wants to demonstrate them to us," The shopper calls out loudly. I then realised that there were a number of men watching what was going on as other voices called out suggestions for the toys to be demonstrated. A few minutes later the boy returns with a few items in his hands. He shows them to his master who nods with approval. The shopper then takes the harness which his boy has selected and quickly puts in on me, making sure it is tightly buckled. He then checks each buckle making sure it is properly fastened and places small padlocks into each one, locking then shut!

I feel my tail plug being pulled out and can't help but given a whimper as the shopper pulls it from my hole. With that he takes one of the items his boy is holding and presses is against my hole. A few seconds later I feel it beginning to vibrate against my hole which causes me to gasp at the sensation. I try not to lift my ass to the shopper but I can't help myself and he says "Oh your hole is hungry to be filled pup.

I feel the plug tease me hole and the more I try to prevent myself from squirming and wriggling the more it seems to happen until I feel another toy press against my hole and push in. My hole opens and takes it but it feels bigger than the tail plug I'd had in earlier. I groan as he pushes it in all the way. I then hear a click as the plug is locked to the straps and I realise I'm now wearing a butt plug harness to keep it in.

The harness is then pulled tight and is locked in place. I moan loudly and wriggle as much as I can in the restraints. The premium material is non-porous and cleans easily. The silicone material is hypoallergenic, phthalate-free, and non-porous for easy and safe play! A classic spade shape helps it slip in easily and stay in place for extended wear. Two handy loops at the base let you turn up the passion by adding your own bullet vibrators. The tail itself is bendable, and nearly two feet long! Covered entirely in super soft synthetic fur.

Be a naughty kitty cat with this fun and flirty visual treat! Pup Collars The style and material Of the collar say a lot about the human dog who is wearing it. Questions To Ask Yourself Is there any spikes that could harm me or another pup? Is it comfortable? Does the collar represent my own pup persona? Featured Collars. Snap this heavy metal band in place, and secure it with lock, which is built right into the cuff.

There is absolutely no escape once it is locked into place. The larger size allows for ultimate restriction and security on bigger girths, or for more room if you find the smaller version too tight. Four pointed screws line the inside of this devious piece, which can be twisted to apply more pressure. The front features a steel O-ring, so you can lead your pet around with a leash, add ball weights, or lock him in place.

Use alone or in conjunction with other toys, this unique CBT toy is as versatile as it is effective. Offers effective training via electro stimulation, vibration, audio tones, and visual cues. There is a corresponding button for each training method on the long-range wireless remote.

Works up to feet away! The adjustable rolling buckle supports a padlock for the option to turn this into a locking collar. Locks sold separately. Included is a high quality leather collar, studded with super sharp spikes with an adjustable rolling buckle. The leash is 4 feet of entrancing leather, with a silver clasp and looped handle.

Perfect for puppy play!

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Puppy tail butt plug sold separately. This beautiful and heavy-duty collar is made of stainless steel, with a unique detail that sets it apart from other BDSM collars. A combination lock ensures that your plaything has no hope for escape until you offer release, just the way they like it! The O-ring on the front allows you to attach other bondage accessories, such as a leash or nipple clamps. The smooth, rounded edges make this a comfortable collar for private play or wear.

The collar features a rolling buckle and has an optional locking feature. Use one of your own or add one of our small brass locks. The collar is adjustable and is one size fits most. The 4 foot leather leash has a durable clip on one side and a looped handle on the other. This exquisite leash and collar set is the ideal way to make your pet get down on all fours and beg. This beautiful stainless steel yolk set includes sophisticated collar and cuffs with O-rings for attaching them to each other or other BDSM accessories. Each has a discreet and elegant pin-lock that opens and closes with a hex key.

A connector bar and 3 carabiners create a yoke that will keep your partners hands up by their neck and out of your way as you play with their vulnerable body. The gleaming chrome is strikely attractive, with the classic aesthetic that will enhance the atmosphere of your scenes. Cuffs are 8 inches in circumference. Both have a width of. Bar is It forces the wearer to keep their neck perfectly straight with their chin out. It features a solid welded tri-ring on the front and a heavy locking roller buckle in back.

It can be used with or without a lock. Turn them into a good slave by asserting your ownership with a heavy-duty locking collar. This beautiful bondage accessory is made of stainless steel and adorned with 13 spikes. Whether you are playing in the privacy of your home or wearing this work of art out and about, the locking clasp ensures that your plaything will wear a symbol of their servitude until you release them with your key.

It is reinforced with three layers of leather. This heavy duty design provides additional security and weighs 9 oz. Our locking buckle design can be used with or without a lock.

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The sharp spikes lining the front are accented by 4 metal D-rings, to which a variety of accessories may be attached. The collar has a rolling locking buckle so you can keep your pet on a tight leash. Made of black leather, with four snaps and has steel letters. Show off your property or express yourself. Each one is 0. Leather ID Collars No reviews. The collar features a sleek and sexy red and black embossed design, and is lined with soft padded neoprene. The all black hardware is nickel-free. Fully adjustable with the simple, belt style buckle and connected to a removable 30 inch long black chain, your plaything will look stylish and enticing Crimson Tied Collar with Leash No reviews.

A D-ring at the front allows a leash to be attached, letting you lead your pet around by the sturdy nylon strap. A simple and fun introductory toy with a sweet price point. Frisky Beginner Leash and Collar set No reviews. Locking design prevents the wearer from removing without the key. Built to have the durability and strength of collars twice its price. Incorporates 3 D rings in the front and another small D-ring in the back for more points of attachment. PU is easy to clean compared to leather so no worries about being messy. Locking Collar No reviews. The word SLUT is spelled out in shining silver studs, and the double layered leather has an extra layer of padding in the front for comfort.

The collar closes in the back with a buckle, and is adjustable to fit necks between Studded Leather Slut Collar No reviews. The gleaming heavy chrome plated steel provides a nice weight and feel against the skin and the rounded edges bring an element of comfort to the submissive experience. An O-ring at the front of the collar allows you to attach a leash, rope, or any other bondage equipment to suit your scene. The included hex key locks this collar down tight so they will feel nothing but cool steel around their throat until you are finished having your way.

Comes in one size only please measure carefully. It consists of two heavy duty leather straps and a thick strip of comfortable faux fur. The locking buckle on the back allows security while the three D-rings open up to all kinds of possibilities.

Prison Puppy

This is yet another solidly built Strict Leather product. It locks in place with a buckle that could have a lock attached. There's also a half ring in the front, so you can attach a leash and lead your sub around the room or even down the hallway and around the block. Featuring a stunning chrome finish, this collar looks as erotic as it feels. Exhibit true dominance by locking your partner into this o-ring compatible collar, attaching your favorite leash, and having them do your bidding!

Open and close using the included Allen wrench. O-ring compatible. Chrome Slave Collar No reviews. An upgrade of our original chrome slave collar, this model features a set of clamps attached by matching chrome chains that let you apply exquisite pain to their pretty nipples and remind them of who is in control. The nipple clamps are fully adjustable via a screw mechanism so you can go from creating a subtle pressure all the way to making them beg!

Featured Pup Toy and Kit collection. The leather muzzle will restrict their speech while giving the appearance of a snout. The curved puppy tail butt plug is generously sized, with a floppy design that will waggle with their movements. Each roll contains up to 65 feet of non-sticky tape, designed to adhere to itself instead of hair or skin. Bind their legs and arms and force them to move around like a true animal. This kit is a great, creative way to construct an exciting fantasy. The Kennel is an adjustable cage with a padded board and optional positioning bars.

Lock up your plaything within the coated metal enclosure and get creative! Leave in the comfortably padded leather-like board for extended role play sessions or remove it to punish a naughty pet. Positioning bars allow you to prop up their booty, feet, or chin, but you can also use them to keep their head, shoulders, and waist pushed down. Achieve the exact look that gets your blood pumping hardest! Attach their restraints, not included, to keep them in their place. This versatile cage makes an excellent addition to your dungeon or bedroom, creating a striking image as soon as your partner lays eyes on it.

Assembly instructions are included. Ships unassembled in a compact box.

Fantasies : Prison Puppy - A Gay Sex

No warranty is given either implied or expressed. Products are intended as novelty only, and no representation is made or implied as to their suitability or safety for any particular use. Purchasers use the products entirely at their own risk. The manufacturer or re-seller is not liable for any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damage or loss howsoever arising caused by use or misuse of the products.

This includes, but is not limited to, damage to the products and personal injury or damages due to use or misuse. The leather hood has an elongated muzzle with a mouth that can be zipped open or closed, and two ears that stand up to add to the illusion. The blindfold is removable and allows for an extra element of control.

Guide to Human Puppy Play!

The D-ring at the front is the perfect place to attach the 4 foot leather leash, to take your pet for a walk. Leather mitts give the appearance of paws and restricts the use of thumbs. Finally, insert the floppy rubber puppy tail anal plug, designed to wag and bounce with each movement. The distinctive four-finger hand grip suggests a set of brass knuckles and gives you powerful grip on this intimidating sex tool. Grab a fistful of the exclusive Starry Night PVC material and establish your authority as you pack this plug into the tight ass of your bent-over partner.

With such a sturdy way to grip it, not even an inch of the Oppressor will slide back out until you allow it, letting you test their limits and dominate them completely. These leather mitts are the perfect addition to your puppy play scenes! Push their fists into the luxurious padded interior, effectively taking away their ability to use their fingers. Force them to walk on all fours while they beg for your affection! The lacing allows you to tighten the gloves for security before velcroing them around their wrists. These beautifully-crafted leather mitts are even detailed with an adorable paw print.

Your fetish fantasy will be brought to life like never before as your pup barks in admiration of their new accessories. The chew bone helps reinforce the dog aspect of the play, while restricting speech. A leash and collar is perfect for making sure your pup does not wander too far, and lets the world know who his owner is. Finally, a floppy tail butt plug lets them show their emotions by wagging back and forth with each movement.

Penetrate your partner with a bigger dick when you slide into the stretchy extender, nubbed and ribbed internally for your intense pleasure. As you thrust into your lover, you will feel the delightful friction inside, while the external ribbing massages their hole. The ball strap feature includes a stretchy opening for your scrotum to fit through, keeping this phthalate-free sleeve in place and adding extra sensation. Safe for use with both water-based and silicone lubes.

Opening of ball strap is. Make sure your pet knows exactly what they are and who owns them. Ideal for puppy play, each tag is shaped like a bone and dangles tantalizingly from the metal cock ring, either beneath their balls or in front of their pathetic penis. Collar that submissive cock to enhance your play scenes.

Each ID tag is 2 inches in length and 1.