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Hell, not everyone can say they have a superpower. Sam Meeko has a heightened sense of smell. Helena Knight is a lean combat dancer, heiress to the Knight Corp, arguably the best fighter in the group, and the one who bankrolls everything. Zoe Goa…. My ladies and I have moved into the final battle. Last release in the CBG series until this….

One night with a superpowered babe. To the dismay of the powers-in-charge, Alan has stumbled upon the dirty truth behind the squeaky-clean image of the hero business. Soon, everyone from government….

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Military Strength: 7 Spectre authorization released medical supplies from Customs to Huerta Memorial Hospital , improving the quality of patient care. C-Sec used the footage to make several arrests, improving security. Military Strength: 7 C-Sec was authorized to train a civilian militia, strengthening their defense forces. Military Strength: -4 C-Sec has been ignoring illegal sales of weapons to civilians. Some unlawful elements have taken advantage of this to build an arsenal, increasing the crime rate as they settle old scores.

Military Strength: 5 Housing was found for students from Grissom Academy too young to work on the Prothean device. These gifted teenagers have been helping, however, by dealing with any repetitive problems that can't be delegated to VIs. This has spread their forces thin, decreasing efficiency when dealing with larger threats. Military Strength: 5 C-Sec is concentrating on war-related problems and more serious crimes. By focusing resources, the overall security of the Citadel has improved. News of the book's recovery inspired many volus citizens to donate generous amounts of Citadel charities and defense funds.

With hope restored, they rallied to help move supplies on the Citadel for the war effort. The hanar have sent their warships to engage the Reapers to repay Commander Shepard for saving their homeworld. Though their navy is relatively small, the hanar have also provided the services of their best drell combat specialists.

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They are accomplished spies, saboteurs and assassins, trained at an extremely young age. While the hanar are normally loath to send trusted allies into open warfare, these are desperate times. The governor of the batarian colony Camala was outspoken in the early hours of the Reaper assault, blaming the Alliance for the destruction of batarian comm buoys that were, in fact, destroyed by the Reapers.

Now liberated from his world, the governor has undergone a dramatic conversion. His daily extranet videos rally his formerly conservative, xenophobic subjects to embrace the Citadel species as brothers and sisters in arms. Unlike many batarian politicians, he also avoids micromanaging military affairs, content with inspirational tasks and the logistical nightmare of providing urgently-needed relief to batarian refugees.

The Void Devils are a recent military creation consisting of vorcha fighter pilots trained by human and turian mentors. Though uniformly young by other species' standards, the Devils have laser-like focus on the task of taking out enemy ships. Bankroll Squad The whole series is truly Amazing hands down, always keeping you wanting more and more. I feel as if I'm in the story at all times.

I wanna thank David Weaver for sharing his amazing work and allowing us on his journey of life!! All his work is Exceptionally Brilliant!! Thank You. Jun 01, Angela rated it it was amazing. Perfect This is amazing I enjoy every bit of them so sorry for Brink, happy Pam redeem herself. Happy for the crews.

The Opposite of Never: A Novel

Apr 10, Nesha Clarke rated it it was amazing. This book gives so much and u still want more.

Bankroll Squad (The Series) Episode 1

Jul 05, Lathanette rated it it was amazing. Awesome from the Beginning to the End I will be reading the rest of your books.

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  5. I'm hooked. May the Lord continue to bless you and keep you. May your craft continue to flourish. May 26, Tamisha rated it it was amazing. I loved how this book had me on the edge of my seat wondering if my favorite characters would make it out alive or not! Pam just made me feel sorry for her after me hating her in book 2 for what she had done, Jennifer was just a sad case and had a sad demise, Luther had me on the fence cuz he wants to be a boss but bosses don't bail, and I like how Rain rode for her when no one else would!

    Excellent ending an I loved how this book had me on the edge of my seat wondering if my favorite characters would make it out alive or not! Excellent ending and I say 5 stars!

    The vivid details The book was told to me the dramA was real May 17, Djuana Lacey rated it it was amazing. Excellent This book picked up where the last one left off. It was filled with the action and adventure that the others had. I loved how Pam went down for Malcolm. Kyla stayed his warrior through it all. Feb 01, Marques rated it it was amazing. This is a really good book. Great characters, good storyline, I really enjoyed it. I fell in love with the characters in this story.

    Well written take off love, power, deceit, and money. Loyalty plays a major part in this story. Apr 17, Kellee rated it it was ok Shelves: kindle-book. The book was ok.

    bankroll squad Manual

    Decent read. The 2nd one was the best. This one was back to being as unrealistic as the first one. There are 2 specific parts in the book that I remember the author saying the complete opposite of so that left me kind of confused. Jan 23, Brittany rated it it was ok.

    Repeated this was terrible and a repeat of the first novel. I thought a series means a rendition of the first story like a continuation. Jul 17, Twana rated it it was amazing. I loved this book. David Weaver put his foot in this one. I am amazed how this series had me I suspense and eager to read. I look forward to reading more books from David Weaver.

    May 10, Dama Cargle rated it it was amazing. Aug 25, C rated it it was amazing Shelves: like. This was so good now I can't wait for book 4. Apr 25, Kailah rated it it was amazing.

    Great place to leave off!!! You can either branch off, Finish or leave it there but makes me want more!!!!! Dec 14, fanwill rated it liked it. Jul 15, Kieshaboo Mays rated it it was amazing. Nov 30, Cedrica rated it it was amazing. The suspensful turns and twists made it a MUST read.